We're all feeling heavy right now.

Everything, Everywhere, All At Once.

It’s painful to see the suffering of others and feel helpless.

Thanks to social media and the 24 second news cycle, images of war populate our newsfeed, misinformation spreads at the speed of typing, and emotions are inflamed - we are all fighting all the time.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, you are not alone. If you are on the brink of burnout, let this be a reminder to you - it is okay to step back and pause.

When you find yourself diving into a vortex of news unable to climb out, stop, breathe, notice what’s happening.

You are an incredible being - you can use your breath to reset your entire nervous system. You can move your body to release generations of trauma. You can use your voice to raise an alarm.

And remember, you are not alone.

Reach out to your loved ones, talk about your feelings, move your body.

We will get through this, together.

Believe, breathe.

Not Your Boyfriend’s Husband’s Advice

I got married last week and it was magical. That being said, getting married can be a significant financial endeavor. And even as the co-founder of a financial anxiety management company, I felt financial stress throughout the process. It’s natural, you are not alone and I’m here to give you some of my top recommendations for overcoming that anxiety so you can be more present on the day.

  1. Negotiate. All contracts are negotiable. I negotiated with everyone including the hotel and the cost of the room block. Don’t be afraid to ask for a discount because you're already paying a premium.

  2. Set a budget early and check in often. Many wedding budgets go over, so to avoid a last minute surprise check in often with your spending and future bills at least monthly.

  3. Identify what you care about most and cut what you don’t. Not every wedding trend needs to be followed. I really cared about food, venue, and people. I cared less about things like custom napkins, signage, and matching PJs. You can save so much through prioritization.

  4. Talk to your partner about money. You don’t need to do this alone. That’s the beauty of marriage. Make sure you're both in the loop, aware of details and budget, and that you are sharing your concerns, hopes and dreams. Remember, for better or for worse.

Behavioral Science Hack: Temptation Bundling

TLDR: Treat Yo’ Self

Did you know that listening to audiobooks while working out can boost your motivation to exercise? According to a recent study, participants who incorporated audiobooks into their workouts were 10-14% more likely to stick to their weekly exercise routine. Moreover, they managed to complete 10-12% more workouts per week compared to those who didn't listen to audiobooks. This phenomenon is known as "temptation bundling" in behavioral science, which means pairing an immediate indulgence with a delayed reward.

If you understand the importance of long-term financial review but dread the weekly sit-downs, consider integrating something you enjoy into the process to create a ritual. For instance, when reviewing your budget, reward yourself with a nice glass of wine, or relocate your weekly finance sessions to your favorite cafe and treat yourself to a latte while you work. This simple adjustment will make the entire process more enjoyable and increase your motivation to tackle it.


↗️ American Household Wealth. Data from the Federal Reserve showed pandemic stimulus and climbing stock and home prices boosted net worth at a record pace.

↗️ Social Security. Benefits will increase 3.2% in 2024 for the nation’s 71 million recipients, raising the average monthly check for a single retired worker to $1,907, up $59 from $1,827 this year the Social Security Administration said.

↘️ U.S. Stock Indexes fell. The S&P 500, the Dow industrials and the Nasdaq Composite all traded in negative territory.

↘️ Climate Change. Record wildfires and drought hit the Amazon, causing Brazil to be smothered in smoke.

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